Alex Flanagan

Alex Flanagan, a television sports journalist and trainer who is also the director of the Familie media agency's media department. Her experience gained from working on top sports TV to aid people navigate the media and career in media. Alex Flanagan was born 23rd September 1973, Arizona Arizona United States. She was the principal reporter for The Keith Olbermann Evening News. Flanagan was employed by ESPN from 2000-2006. She was a reporter from the college football sideslines for five seasons with ESPN. She served as an official reporter on the sidelines on the College World Series the Women's Tennis Association's tour championships, men's college basketball as well as the NCAA Women's basketball tournament. Flanagan also worked as an SportsCenter reporter that covered events like the Lakers Dodgers Angels UCLA USC as well as the Chargers. Also, she covered spring training and the NBA playoffs college football bowl games the NCAA Men's basketball tournament and a regular segment on NFL Monday Night Countdown. In SportsCenter she also launched the new segment focusing on entertainment called Hollywood Highlights. She also co-hosted the Home Depot College Football Awards travel show as well as ESPN Classic.

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