Adelia Rasya

Adelia was born in Jakarta, Indonesia. Every February 2nd the day she was born, she is celebrated. Adelia is an Indonesian model that is more famous in her film work rather than any other thing. In 2008, she appeared in the film marriage contract. Prior to launching her acting career and modeling, she was model for a fashion agency. Adelia is famous for various other accomplishments like being a soap opera actress as well as being an actress who speaks in a different languages. A few years later she signed a contract with the film mask bride and it was a big success. The movie brought several additional projects like shy cat and Hill waterfall. You can recall her performances as well as her presence throughout the Hollywood. Her movie Karma, which was released in 2007, remains hugely popular. Most people didn't know that she was an attractive and famous model in 1990 prior to her first appearance on television. It's always great for Adelia to interact with her followers in public or on social media platforms.

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