Anna Koshmal

Anna Koshmal was born in Kyiv Ukraine on the 22nd of October 1994. Anna Koshmal was 27 years old. aged. There is no internet information on her parents, siblings or children. Anna, who is also Ukrainian in descent and follows a Christian religious belief, has her net worth at $2 million. Anna Koshmal is worth an estimated $2 million. She earns her living by performing in various films as well as TV shows. Anna is also announcing that she model's for various magazines. Anna Koshmal had a dream of becoming a professional artist at when she was six. But, she wasn't sure of how to go about it. In her early years she took a variety of arts classes. Anna was also a ballet and singing classes. Anna is also a skilled artist. In numerous interview, Komal is known to have spoken about painting. The artist was forced by her parents into an acting school called Republic Kids, after only two months. The actress was successful in finishing the drama classes she studied to become more adept at acting and the theatre. After that, she attended the Faculty of Music and Management and where L. I. Utyosov was her teacher in the field of pop music. As a result she was chosen by a movie team following her graduation at the Faculty of Music. The story goes as follows: Kvartal 95 Studio approached Anna Koshmal when she was 17 years old. They approached her while she was in Republic Kids. The agent from the studio recognized her talent as an actor. The casting agent approached her, but she had no idea what role she was being auditioned for. When she was in front of the agents she sang songs that she knew her, and also did a amount of acting. Her agency approved her almost quickly. In the show Match Makers she made her debut as a performer.

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