Mackenzie Rosman

Rosman was a person who personally greeted each of the people in the audition room through handshakes throughout the process her role was cast Ruthie as Ruthie 7th Heaven in 1996. Rosman has also been seen in Gideon as Charlton Heston, Christopher Lambert as well as Shelley Winters. From the time she was four, she appeared in a number of commercials that aired on TV. These include a Tuff Diaper advertisement and an Nike shoes commercial. Rosman has played Loreli, a character loosely based off "Ligeia" written by Edgar Allan Poe in The Tomb (2009) as well as Wes Bentley, Kaitlin Dualday. The actress also played Jill in the 2008 film "Fading of the Cries," a horror. Fading of the Cries. Rosman has appeared in four episodes of Brenda Hampton's teens' show The Secret Life of the American Teenager in the role of Zoe. Zoe is a Grant High School student who does bed with Ricky for revenge on Adrian when she discovers that he slept with Mac's lover. Rosman was a co-star with the director of the slasher film Beneath and the 2013 TV film Ghost Shark. Rosman was photographed by Maxim magazine in September of 2013. Mackenzie Mackenzie Mackenzie


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