Ky-ManiKy-mani , who is nearing completion of the third album he has not yet named, is definitely a star. Ky-mani Marley was born on February 26, 1976 to Robert Nesta Marley, a legendary Jamaican rapper. Ky-mani played the role of Kassa In One Love. An enthralling story of a conscious Reggae singer who struggles with corruptions in the world of music. The life of the singer is altered after he meets a young girl who is a member of a local church and has beautiful vocals. The film received a favourable review by film critics as and film festival attendees. This film has not released in the cinemas. Also, Ky-Mani recently finished the feature film Haven with Bill Paxton and Orlando Bloom, Directed by Frank Flowers. Haven was screened at the Toronto International Film Festival. As part of the Toronto International Film Festival Haven debuted. He will transport you to the next generation of a past reggae surge, his message has remained unchanged "one love, one goal One goal, one destiny".Able tennis champion Anita Belnavis, in Falmouth, Jamaica. In Jamaica, the East African word Ky-mani means "adventurous traveler" and every album or journey, is an adventure. The Journey was his first album of music. A multi-faceted vision, Ky-mani was looking for his own niche and travelled the spectrum of music to discover his numerous abilities. Many More Roads (Grammy nominated) was Kymani's "traditional" reggae single. It came out as Kymani's maturation. Many More Roads, as and The Journey The Journey, received a warm reception by fans across the globe and established Ky-Mani in her position as an individual "artist". Ky-Mani's style is a mix of roots reggae , interspersed with hip-hop R&B in addition to contemporary jazz.


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